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STOCKADE delights audiences around Queensland’s Great South East with the fabulous original songs of Chuck and Chrissy Euston…. A unique blend of blues and folk, celtic and gospel styles, with hints of bluegrass and country swing.

  • Chuck is lead vocalist, playing acoustic & slide guitar, and mandolin.
  • Chrissy sings mostly back up vocals, playing a wailing blues harmonica plus accordion and touches of mandolin.

Joined by two of Brissy’s finest:

  • Ian Evans is the ever smiling - ‘Mr. Bass’   adding back up vocals.                      
  • Steve Stiller is the master of percussion and also back up vocalist.                        

With roots in Brisbane, then spending over 25 years working and travelling throughout the country, Chuck and Chrissy share a great passion for Australia and its amazing landscape and history. Their lyrics often reflect its beauty, and our need to preserve its treasures.  Also woven into their songs are stories of our pioneers, of family living and departed, as well as topical and local issues. They share humorous takes on the Aussie way of life, personal anecdotes and philosophies, as well as tales of growing up and growing old.  Their performances are vibrant, emotive and carry an unmistaken positive and uplifting undercurrent.
‘Music is like love…it only works when you give it away’
STOCKADE  have  recorded 3 CDs to date.
Their CDs ‘COMMON MAN’, ‘THERE BE TIME’ and ‘LOCK STOCKADE & BARREL’   will be on sale at gigs.

Quotes from their audience:
STOCKADE…   “make the audience feel included”;   “are always performing new songs”;   “are so natural and engaging on stage”;
they’re  a class act” ;       “STOCKADE is my new favorite band” ;     “ You guys write such great songs! “;


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