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We have both been playing music for as long as we can remember … from singing in the cot to performing for family occasions and at school functions, then in various cover bands.

When we met, I was ‘a little bit country’ and she was ‘a whole lot rock n roll’, so the melting pot became ‘the blues’. Our collaboration began in the rotunda on Highgate Hill swapping guitar and harmonica riffs in the evening air with the city lights awakening.

Our first gigs as a partnership were in SE Qld prisons …the result of being related to a Prison Chaplain! With just guitar, harmonica and electric piano, we played up a storm for the guys with everything from Johnny Cash and Tony Joe White to Sonny Terry/Brownie McGee and the Eagles … and so it began.

Then two little boys entered our world making noise that gradually became more musical as they grew up. As their music matured STOCKADE started as a family band in northern NSW, playing Bush Dances with a definitive Australian edge. The two of us also performed as EUSTON RD duo, covering everything from Country Rock to Old Time dance with R&B and Easy Listening added … plus playing solo in restaurants and being seconded to other outfits … anything to keep us working as musos.

2005 saw us return home to Brisbane after 25 years and STOCKADE became the vehicle for original music in the Folk-Roots & Blues genre, with 3 albums recorded so far. Steve Stiller and Ian Evans are an integral part of STOCKADE with exceptional finesse on percussion and bass. The Folk Redlands family are a huge support, embracing our music and launching us into the folk and festival scene.

Our long standing love of all things jazz and blues has urged us to start performing again as a duo in this style, as a duo in this style, taking on the personas of “Mister Chuck & Missy Chrissy”. Chrissy plays up a storm on piano & harmonica while I get to play all my guitars! Sometimes we are joined by these excellent musicians…Russell Sullivan (Spook Hill) on sax, and the fabulous Steve Stiller (Percussimo) on drums.

And just for fun is ‘YESTERDAYS HEROES’ with Ian Evans, doing classic covers from the 70’s and on … and everyone joins in on the chorus.

Collaborations are one of music’s enduring treats, and these days I often share the stage with the other ‘ACOUSTIC ROOSTER’..Lee Nelson.

Another of our great pleasures has been to add our musical bits to friends’ albums: Steve Tyson, Mark Davidson, John Taylor, Anne Infante, Don Lloyd and Graham Rogers.

… thank you all for the privilege

Chuck Euston

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