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CD - There Be Time

Track list:

  1. Seize the Moment
  2. Catalpa Rescue
  3. Dorrigo Railway
  4. Grandpa’s Mandolin
  5. What’s ‘is Name
  6. Better Than Gold
  7. Quandamooka
  8. No More
  9. The Gig From Hell
  10. Given Away
  11. Water
  12. There Be Time


CD-There Be Time

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Review by Mark Davidson for Folk Rag July 2010

Several years ago Coffs Harbour’s loss became SE Qld’s gain in the form of a band called Stockade.

Since then we’ve been delighted by their live performances and their fine CD Common Man. Well folks they’ve done it again! Their new CD entitled There be Time  is now available! This album is a work of art in every respect.  It consists of a collection of quality, well - crafted songs by Chuck & Chrissy Euston which are brought to life through the brilliant musicianship of everyone in the band.

It is a sheer pleasure to listen to Stockade whose sound is distinctly and importantly, Australian. Chuck’s vocals are the foundation of this sound. His accent and his style are unaffectedly, that is, naturally Australian. He sings strongly, with good clarity, musicality and plenty of expression. He knows just how to sing the songs to give them life. His vocals are well complimented and supplemented by those of Chris as she displays a range of vocal sensitivities across the album. Son, Ben Euston completes the treat with his back- up vocals.

Chuck plays guitars, slide, mandolin and didge. Everything he does musically on the CD works just as it should in relation to the songs. I note in particular though his great guitar playing and his finesse on mandolin.

Chris plays harmonica, whistle, accordion and mandolin. She is one fine musician. The standout for me though is her skill with harmonica. I hear myself saying, “Wow, what a sound!” Chris’s accordion playing adds a special feel to particular tracks.

Ian Evans provides pulse and drive for the CD with his bass playing. Ian doesn’t just play bass. He converses in bass. He adds another dimension to bass playing that truly enhances the musical experience provided by the Band. 

Ben Euston, a quality guitar player in his own right, rounds out this musicality by skilfully aiding and abetting Ian with well-oiled percussion.
Of the 12 tracks comprising the CD, my favourites are, Quandamooka, What’s ‘is name, The Gig from Hell, Seize the Moment, Given Away and Grandpa’s Mandolin. 
The production quality of the CD is very high. The Artwork is attractive.  There are useful background notes about the songs and the lyrics are provided.

Beautifully done Stockade!