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CD - Lock Stockade & Barrel

Track list:

  1. Jessica
  2. Free Free
  3. You Can’t Miss It Mate
  4. Lost In Blue
  5. Island Time
  6. Eureka
  7. Hey River
  8. Three Convicts
  9. Unrequited Flame
  10. Sail On


CD-Lock Stockade & Barrel

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CD Review by Chloe Hall

STOCKADE are well loved in their home town of Brisbane, and this album captures the warmth, humour and gutsy songwriting they’re known for.

At times, you feel like you’re part of an intimate concert (live tracks ‘You Can’t Miss It Mate’ and ‘Three Convicts’).   Other times, you’re taken to a world inspired by the folk rock singer-songwriters of the 1970’s.      As you’d expect from Stockade, there are songs that are proudly Australiana (most notably ‘Eureka’) but for me, the standout moments are the gorgeous, unexpected harmonies, particularly on ‘Free Free’.
It feels like you’re listening to a group of musicians who know each other well – both musically and as old friends.

Their third offering, “Lock, STOCKADE & Barrel” feels like several albums in one.
From comedy (‘You can’t miss it mate’ and ‘Island Time’) to storytelling songs (‘Jessica’ and ‘Unrequited Flame’), from the Americana-influenced ‘Lost in Blue’, ‘Hey River’, ‘Sail On’ and ‘Free Free’ to classic Australiana (‘Eureka’, ‘Three Convicts’) – it’s a bit of a stylistic rollercoaster, but it makes for interesting listening.

Sometimes lyrically straight forward (“waist deep in mud, they say I’m not covered for flood… hey river, stay away from my door” in Hey River – a ballad about the Queensland floods), sometimes more opaque (“when I gaze into blue pools, they still tell the truth” in the gorgeous life-love song ‘Lost in Blue’), this far-reaching album tackles everything from teen pregnancy and anger management to outback direction-giving and Australian history.

And if that’s not enough to inspire you to go and listen to this record, the cover should clinch it. There’s no way you won’t warm to this sun glassed foursome.

….by Chloe Hall