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Acoustic Roosters

A couple of mates, Chuck Euston  and Lee Nelson ... have been playing longer than they care to remember.   Everything from Country Rock to R&B ,  Easy Listening to Rock 'n' Roll  &  Traditional Irish to Blues and in every incarnation of a band that kept them working.

From Jimmy Buffet to Beatles…. It's the music we all grew up with; the music that recalls a thousand good times, young hearts, old loves, when everything was possible and you were only limited by the scope of your dreams.

That music never loses its soul and always makes your heart glad or your body want to move ....even if your feet can no longer keep up!  ...And the best part about playing it is that everyone knows at least some of the words and can join in!

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Chuck: 0448 883 579

Lee: 0428302532

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